July 11th, 2009

Don't Ask

Saturday Lonely Prompts

And here we are - another Lonely Prompt Weekend.

The same rules as always with weekends:
no new prompts will be accepted
the spoiler rules still apply - a warning in bold and at least three spaces.

The Lonely Prompt Indexes
Misc. RPS
Misc. RPF
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series
Cop/Law/Spy A-M
Cop/Law/Spy N-Z
Crossovers I
Crossovers II (Leverage)
Crossovers III (Supernatural)
Miscellanea A-G (includes Comics/GNs/Anime/Manga)
Miscellanea H-Z (includes Miscellaneous listing)
House MD
Doctor Who/Torchwood
Comics/Graphic novels
How I Met Your Mother

And then there's also the new archiving system over at http://delicious.com/commentfic

However please be aware that this weekend, we are starting the process of moving all the archived Lonely Prompts from the indexes over to the delicious archive. As they are transferred, they will be deleted from livejournal - sorry for any confusion this is gonna cause this weekend.
But, basically, if an index link doesn't work on livejournal, its because it's not on delicious!

Contest Results Post

Sorry for the incredibly long delay everyone. My real life has been hellacious this week with some twit blowing up my windshield on the 4th and this weekend's trip (I leave in about 40 minutes for Portland!)

But, here we are, finally. With results from the Quarterly contest.

Our big winner, hands down was emmademarais with 80 answered Lonely Prompts. That's an awesome number, and she wins a pretty graphic that is in the process of being made and 6 months paid LJ time, which will happen after I get home from Portland.

In other news, dreamofspike claims the shiny Enabler Badge for the 13 prompts that she left that were answered over the week. She also wins a shiny graphic which will be along shortly.

And, lastly, but in no means leastly, is wellowned who gets a nod for answering the oldest lonely prompt of the week. Your pretty graphic is also en route.

And because things are a little slow around here and we just remembered that this was a contest weekend, please leave your list of answered prompts after the beep. Standard format for this one folks, fandom, pairing, prompt, link.
chucks thought in yellow

Quartly Contest Awards (Art)

Hey guys! Sorry for appearing so much in your friend lists today, but since amara_m is gone for the weekend, I wanted to go ahead and post the badges for our lovely winners!

And don't forget - this weekend is one of our regular Lonely Prompt Challenges. Submit your entries here!

Congratulations to all the winners!