July 17th, 2009

chucks thought in yellow

Friday: Free For All

Happy Friday everyone! We're back to another free for all, so any fandom, characters, and prompts are good to go.

Just a couple reminders though:
Prompts cannot include spoilers until one week after air date.

If a response includes spoilers, you must warn in bold and leave at least three spaces before the beginning of the story.

Don't leave more than 5 prompts in a row, and no more than 3 prompts per fandom. When someone else has answered, you can leave more prompts.

Also, please be kind to the code monkeys and leave everything in the proper format. For example:

Leverage, Nate/author's choice, blended whiskey and a good show

Warehouse 13/SG1, author's choices, You got what from where?

And if none of the prompts here tickle your fancy, you can check out the Lonely Prompts over at our Delicious page. Use the "lonely" tag bundles in the right hand side bar to find the fandoms you're interested in.

Everybody good? Good! Let's get writing!