August 4th, 2009

Steve Chest Porn

Trading Places Fic

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Yesterday was fun! Let's keep the party rocking.

Today I thought we'd try "Trading Places" all the many twisted variations: Two characters switch bodies, a character falls out of one fandom and into another, mistaken identity, cons, spells, enchantments, bad dreams...whatever tickles you...

Please remember to follow the rules, no more than 5 prompts in a row, no more than 3 in any one fandom. Feel free to come back and prompt more if yours get answered in the course of the day.

Please be kind to our hard working code-monkeys and format your prompts properly:

SPN, Ellen/John/Bill, While on a hunt, Bill and John switch bodies
Leverage/RPS, Eliot/Steve/Chris/Nate, Eliot wakes up in a hospital & everyone's calling him Chris
Firefly/Buffy, Xander Harris, Xander wakes up one morning on Serenity

As always, if none of today's prompts tickle your fancy go visit our lonely prompts and pick one out for yourself.

Have fun folks!

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