September 11th, 2009

Evie - LOL!speak

Friday Free-For-All

Hey, everyone! This is the Monchichi here, posting for havenward since the internet is down in her area. Hopefully she'll be around tomorrow.

So, today is Friday, which means - FREE FOR ALL! Post any prompt that your li'l hearts desire as long as you stick to the following rules:

No spoilers in your prompts for at least one week after publication/air date.  This is very important since we are hitting premiere season and all the shows we know and love are coming back on the air. 

If there are spoilers in your story, you must warn in bold and leave at least 3 spaces.

No more than 5 prompts in a row, and no more than 3 prompts per fandom. If one of your prompts is answered, you can prompt again.

Respect our code monkeys, and follow the standard format with your prompts. Such as:

Leverage, Nate/Eliot, Cooking 101 

Firefly/Eureka, Nathan/Jack, "Take me out to the black." 

If you don't really want to leave a prompt, or even just want something else to write, we have our lovely lonely prompts here waiting for homes. 

PLUS! This weekend is a CONTEST WEEKEND, starting tomorrow at 00:00 PST and ending at 24:59 PST on September 13.  Get ready to adopt lonely prompts for lovely prizes, the likes of which will be described in tomorrow's post. 

So, get ready... set... PROMPT! 

ETA: Apparently I accidentally hit the option where the comments were screened *facepalm*  It's fixed now, ladies and gents.