September 16th, 2009



Hey everyone!!

Today is Gender Roles day!! Make an old couple modern, apply gender-roles to a non conventional relationship, put together a fairytale with the genders all switched around. Play with the strong woman and the femme, just have fun with it. Crack inspiration is a plus!

Remember, only three prompts per fandom, five prompts in a row. No spoilers in headers until at least a week after the premier date.

Be kind to the code monkeys and format the prompts properly:

Author's Choice, Author's Choice, 50's marriage

Leverage, Alec/Elliot, "So, who's the woman in your relationship?"

Eureka, Nathan/Allison, Dominatrix

Have fun with it and I'll see you tomorrow!



Well folks, this is where we must part. Since today is the last day of my week of guest-hosting, I chose a topic that I hope will inspire you all.

Today's theme is DIE FOURTH WALL, DIE!! Make the characters of your story talk to the viewer, have them discuss fanfic. Break down the fourth wall, and have fun with them.

Remember to follow the rules, only three prompts per fandom, only five prompts in a row, and no spoilers in the headers until at least a week after their premiere.

Be kind to the code monkeys and follow the common prompt format:

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, "Hold on, who's Kripke, and how's he know this shit?"

Author's Choice, Author's Choice, "So what's that?"

Monk, General, "Hey, my doppleganger. I bet I can take him!"

Have fun with the prompts, and have a great weekend!

- Musingdarkly