October 20th, 2009

Bobby Win

Modly Post of Modliness - Meet your New Mod!

I want to thank everyone who raised your hand when I put out a request for a new mod. It wasn't an easy choice. We have wonderful members who want to help.

However, in the end a decision had to be made, and I'm hear to tell you all about it.

Everyone, please welcome tresa_cho who will be joining the mod staff, effective today, as our Chief Contest Coordinator person. tresa_cho will be hosting our contest weekends on the 2nd and 4th weekends of the month and will be responsible for the counting and announcement of winners, along with coordinating prizes. She will also help with other modly things as they come up and will be an integral part of coordinating the larger contests.

In a side word about contests, I know I haven't paid out on the last couple of winners, but I will soon. Money has been very, very tight round here. Please accept my apologies.

If anyone cares to help with the contest costs, we do accept donations. Paypal to commentficmods@gmail.com.

I'd like to take this moment to thank my mod staff: badfalcon, monica_catch22 & havenward who have worked hard to make this comm work. Also, a big thank you to darling_lisa for her help wrangling graphics.

And, of course, to all of you, who make the comm possible.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Tuesday. Go fic, folks!
bugger this

Tuesday - On The Road

Hey everyone! I'm be_themoon , guest-hosting this week. Firstly, thanks to monica_catch22 for stepping in for me yesterday. Secondly! Today's theme is On The Road - road trips, commuting to work, driving home for the holidays, going across country for a job - any way you want to spin it!

You guys know the rules: No more than 5 prompts, and only 3 prompts per fandom unless someone answers one of your prompts.

No spoilers in your prompt until a week after air-date - if there are spoilers in your story, you need to warn and leave three spaces.

And of course, remember the format! Fandom, Character/Character, prompt.

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, three hundred miles to the next job
Chronicles of Narnia, Susan, she doesn't take the train anymore
Merlin, author's choice, road trip AU

If none of the prompts catch your interest, take a gander at the Lonely Prompts Listing on delicious and adopt a few!

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