October 21st, 2009

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Hello! It's me again. Everyone was fabulous yesterday - there were some pretty awesome prompts given and some good fics received.

Today's theme is, because I am an evil, evil person and intend on wasting your whole day, TVTropes. Yes, THAT TVTropes. Always wanted your favorite characters to enact your favorite trope? Have at it! The idea here being to give a fandom, character/pairing/leave it up to the author, and link to a specific trope to be included in the prompt.

Rules: No more than 5 prompts (3 per fandom). After that you may only put up prompts when someone answers one of your previous prompts. If none of the prompts today appeal to you, dig into the Lonely Prompts archive here! There are lots of beautiful prompts waiting for you to write them. The prompts format should be: Fandom, Character/Pairing, prompt.

Chronicles of Narnia, Peter/Susan, Battle Couple
Battlestar Galactica, Apollo/Starbuck, Kiss Kiss Slap
Supernatural, Dean & Sam, Arson Murder And Jaywalking

(Regarding formatting, hyperlinking code is <a href= "link here" >title here< /a> without the spaces.)

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