October 22nd, 2009

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Thursday - Poetry

Hello all! [info]be_themoon here, reporting in for my last day. Thanks everyone! It's been an absolute blast, and your creativity and choice of tropes yesterday was fabulous. I spent half the day on TVTropes. :P

So, for my last prompt, today's theme is poetry! You can have your characters writing/discussing poetry, or link to a poem to inspire the fic, or do both! Have fun!

Rules, as always, are no more than five unanswered prompts at once, and no more than three in one fandom. The format of your prompts should be Fandom, Character(s)/Pairing, prompt.


Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, apocafic a la Ruin and Beauty by Patricia Young
Chronicles of Narnia, Susan and Lucy, this dream the world is having about itself... by Carolyne Wright
Glee, Kurt & Mercedes, "Poetry is a beautiful art form!"

Thanks again, everyone! Keep being awesome! (I've got the flu, and was so out of it I posted this to my journal and didn't realize at first, and then I almost did it again. silly me.)

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Completed lonely prompts

Happy Thursday everybody!

Just as a quick reminder, we'll be having another Lonely Prompt Challenge this weekend, so don't forget to tune in and show some of our prompters a little love!

But what I'm really here for is to put up our current list of completed lonely prompts. There was a bit of a scheduling conflict with our new coder, and so not everything will appear here. I'm terribly sorry about that...

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Now, back to your regularly scheduled Thursday. Happy writing!