October 27th, 2009



Hi everyone! I’m chibifukurou and I’m still here enabling your comment_fic addiction this week.

Today’s theme is With a Twist. Today all the prompts get to be a little bit twisty.  Whether it’s pretzels, contortionists, twisted senses of humor, or even the infamous twist ending, everything can use a good twist now and again

But wait before any twisty ideas overwhelm you let’s have a quick review of
The Rules

        Don’t prompt more than 5 prompts in a row or 3 prompts per fandom. When someone has answered your prompt, you can prompt again.


        No spoilers in your prompt until at least 1 week after the original airing or publication date. If there are spoilers in your fic, you must warn in bold and leave at least 3 spaces.


        Thank your fic providers they thrive on feedback.


        For the sake of the code monkeys’ sanity remember to format your prompts correctly.

Formatting examples:

Legion of Superheroes[tv show], Brainiac 5, arms twisted around

Firefly, Jayne/River, That girl’s just twisted.

SPN/Dollhouse, Dean/Echo, surprise endings

None of today's prompts interest you? Make someone’s day and answer one of the myriad of

 Lonely Prompts!

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heinlein quote

Winners from the Challenge and Mod Request

I am here to announce the spectacular winners of this weekend's Lonely Prompt Challenge. We had a lot of particpants, and many adorable prompts went home in loving arms. The winners were:

Most prompts filled: chibifukurou with 39 prompts filled
Second most prompts filled: milleniumrex with 25 prompts filled
Cross-fandom writer: orphan_project with 20 prompts in 8 fandoms

Congrats to all the winners. Even if you only filled one prompt, you did it spectacularly! Prize graphics will be out soon.

Now for the mod request. We need extra help with Lonely Prompt sorting on Sundays. This would mean sorting through the assigned tag bundles looking for completed prompts, changing tags, and adding information to another page for us to post from. It's easy, but time consuming. If you'd like to help out, PM havenward with your email address. Thanks in advance, you are all awesome.

Filled! I told you that you guys were awesome. Thanks!

Happy ficcing~!