November 23rd, 2009

Reid Yikes!

Mánudagur - Three Sentences

Hello, everyone! My name is ice_ziggee and I´ll be your guest-host this week.

To start off the week we have a Three Sentences which means your fic can only be three sentences. It´s a challenge to say so much in such a few words and still get the meaning through and leave just enough for the imagination of the reader.

To make things easier on our code-monkeys, only 3 prompts per genre and 5 prompts in a row. If your prompt gets answered feel free to leave another one and don´t forget to thank the writer. Also remember the correct formatting:

House MD, House/Wilson, lazy.
Kane RSP, Chris/Steve, tired.
Criminal Minds, Hotch/Reid, pictures.

If the fic contains spoilers remember to put spoiler-alert at the top and three spaces, at least a week after the episode has aired.

If noting feeds your appetite here is a list of Lonely Prompts that need fics.

Now go forth and write.

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