November 24th, 2009

Bring it on

Þriðjudagur - Three Words

Hi, everyone!

Day two is up and today’s theme is Three Words. That means your prompt has to be three words, no more and no less, and the writer has to connect/include them in their reply.

To make things easier on our code-monkeys, only 3 prompts per genre and 5 prompts in a row. If your prompt gets answered feel free to leave another one and don´t forget to thank the writer. Also remember the correct formatting:

House MD, House/Wilson, Sneakers, jacket and a cane.
Criminal Minds, Morgan/Garcia, Fire, blankets and stars.
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Diner, hotel and a car.

If the fic contains spoilers remember to put spoiler-alerts at the top and three spaces, at least a week after the episode has aired.

If nothing sparks your interest here is a list of Lonely Prompts that need fics.

Happy writing.

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