December 6th, 2009


Sunday Lonely Prompts Day

And here we are, Sunday. Which means its the second Lonely Prompt Day,

A couple of points of modliness before this post continues as normal:
We've had some technical errors with delicious this week, so not all our coders could complete their sortings. We're very sorry if something's not listed but we're working on it.
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So take a look at our lonely prompts. Write one, write a dozen. Try out a new fandom, or bring a new take to something you're used to... Go wild!

And a reminder - this is not a challenge weekend so PLEASE DO NOT POST LINKS HERE!

Lonely prompts by Genre:
Lonely: Crossovers
Lonely: Action
Lonely: Comedy
Lonely: Comics
Lonely: Crime
Lonely: Drama
Lonely: Fantasy
Lonely: Games
Lonely: Horror
Lonely: Japanese Media
Lonely: Literature & Plays
Lonely: Medical
Lonely: Mystery
Lonely: Mythology
Lonely: RPF/S
Lonely: SciFi
Lonely: Sports
Lonely: Spy

Have fun!