December 22nd, 2009

[VM] So Please Excuse Me Mr

Tuesday - Solo

Hi, I'm (still) atomic89 and I'm back again with the second theme of the week: Solo. Basically you can only have one character in your prompt - so no couples/threesomes/moresomes!

Please remember not to leave more than five prompts in a row and no more than three per fandom per prompter. You are, of course allowed to come back later and add more once yours have been answered.

Spoilers are not allowed in your prompts until a week (7 days) has passed from the original air date. If the fic contains spoilers please mark it clearly and leave at least three spaces before the prompt/fic.

Don't forget to format your prompts correctly, for example:

T:TSCC, Derek, faith
Dollhouse, Topher, “Power corrupts. Knowledge is power. Study hard. Be evil.”
BtVS/Heroes, Dawn, Activating Evolution

If you can't find the perfect prompt for you here, don't forget to check out the Lonely Prompts! There are loads of wonderful prompts just begging to be written!

[theme tag=solo]
heinlein quote

The moment you have been waiting for...

I bring you the winners of the Quarterly Contest. And a few left over Lonely Prompts from Friday.

Friday's winner, the Themed Genius of the community, is donutsweeper, who wrote 11 prompts with the theme of Hurt/Comfort.

Thursday's winner, the Loyal Fandomist of the community, is chibifukurou, who wrote 44 prompts in Marvel!verse.

Wednesday's winner, the Loyal OTPer of the community, is onceuponapillow, who wrote 18 prompts for Veronica/Logan (Veronica Mars).

Tuesday's winner, the Cross-Fandom Extraordinare, is daria234, who wrote 62 prompts in 62 fandoms.

Monday's winner, the Collector of Antique Prompts, is measuringlife, who wrote 13 prompts 236 days or older.

The grand winner of the week, with a total of 222 prompts filled over 5 days (holy words, Batman!), is...



Just a note as to how the prizes worked. In order to spread the love around the community, we decided to limit one win per person. Congrats to all our winners, and to all of our participants; you all did fantastic, and as a prize to everyone who participated we have this for you:

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