December 23rd, 2009

[VM] So Please Excuse Me Mr

Wednesday - Time

Hi, I'm back again with the third prompt of the week: Time. If you can relate it to time go with it!

Please remember not to leave more than five prompts in a row and no more than three per fandom per prompter. You are, of course allowed to come back later and add more once yours have been answered.

Spoilers are not allowed in your prompts until a week (7 days) has passed from the original air date. If the fic contains spoilers please mark it clearly and leave at least three spaces before the prompt/fic.

Don't forget to format your prompts correctly, for example:

BtVS, Anya, One thousand years and it's still not enough
PotC, Will/Elizabeth, Ten years
Harry Potter/Doctor Who, Hermione & Rose, time travel

If you can't find the perfect prompt for you here, don't forget to check out the Lonely Prompts! There are loads of wonderful prompts just begging to be written!

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