January 8th, 2010


Friday Free-For-All

Hey, everyone! Welcome to the first full weekend of 2010! As you all know, today is Friday so we have a free-for-all where you can let your imaginations and pairings go wild.

First, brief reminder of the rules:

You may only post 3 prompts per genre

You are free to prompt up to 5 at a time and add more once your prompts start being answered. Just be kind for our codemonkeys and don't go too crazy!

No spoilers in prompts for at least seven days after the original airdate or publication date. If you have spoilers in your fic, please warn in bold and leave at least three spaces.

Please also follow the format as stated below:

Criminal Minds, Morgan/Reid, Lazy Fest

Numb3rs/Stargate: Atlantis, Don/Sheppard, "That thing you do."

If none of the posted prompts catch your eye, feel free to look through our Lonely Prompts archive at delicious.

Happy Friday, people!