February 1st, 2010


Monday: Crime & Punishment

What do you mean "It's Monday already"? Surely it can't be? But it is. And I'm badfalcon

I'm not actually your host for this week and apologies if I'm stepping on anyone's toes but its 12:07 PST and we still don't have a post, so I'm jumping in so that we can still all play

Today's theme is a little bit of crime and punishment.
Ever wondered what your favourite character would be like as a serial killer/rapist/arsonist/car thief? Or if they had been kidnapped? Or wondered how they would investigate a murder? Ever wanted to set the CSI team or the Bones team etc against your characters? Or maybe want them to JOIN an investigative team?

Just remember to place them in the correct format:
Leverage, Eliot Spencer, that's what I do
CSI, team, a series of grave robbings

Please be kind to our codemonkeys (and tomorrow's monkey is me so really, pretty please be nice!: only three prompts per fandom, and only five prompts. If one of them is filled, you can go ahead and post another. Play fair!

And if you don't see anything that you like, you can always go through our Lonely Prompts

Again, I'm sorry for the lateness of the post, but let the games commence!