March 17th, 2010


Wednesday: Retcon

Hey there! I'm besottedly, and I'm your host for this week.

Today's theme is retcon. Retcon is a shortening of the term "retroactive continuity". Insert something completely new into the history, or just rewrite history to serve your own purposes. Think AU without throwing everything to the wind. A change to one small thing might make a world of difference. You can read more about retcon and find examples of it in the retcon TV Tropes article.

Please keep the rules in mind:
- You may prompt no more than 5 prompts at a time. Only three of these prompts may be for the same fandom. If someone answers your prompt, feel free to prompt again.
- Please don't use spoilers in your prompt for up to one week after the original air/publication date. If there are spoilers in the fic, please note it in bold and leave several lines before you begin.
- Format your prompts correctly for everyone's sanity.


Star Trek (2009), Amanda & Spock, The teleportation process was far enough along that Amanda isn't dead, her data is just stuck in the ship's computer
Torchwood, Jack, His Time Agent wrist watch works sometimes