April 11th, 2010

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Lonely Prompt Chllenge Sunday

Wohoo Day 2!

As always, make sure that you format your fills properly in deference to our lovely Codemonkeys. The filled prompt format is as follows:

Fandom, character/character/character, prompt, http://thefilledprompt.com

example: Harry Potter, Sirius/Lily, talking mirrors, http://community.livejournal.com/comment_fic/49578.html?thread=11564458#t11564458

The contest runs midnight to midnight PST. And it would also be exceedingly helpful if you kept your comments to as few as possible, or even replied to your own comments to help organise things a bit.

Prompts by Genre:

Lonely: Crossovers
Lonely: Action
Lonely: Japanese & Korean Media
Lonely: Comedy
Lonely: Comics
Lonely: Crime
Lonely: Drama
Lonely: Fantasy
Lonely: Games
Lonely: Horror
Lonely: Literature & Plays
Lonely: Medical
Lonely: Mystery
Lonely: Mythology
Lonely: RPF/S
Lonely: SciFi
Lonely: Sports
Lonely: Spy

Go forth! Go forth and write some prompts! You know you want to :D
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Completed Prompts

Hey guys! Just sliding in really fast... These would have been posted earlier except that LJ was being complicated. Because of the overflow, there will be more completed prompts in the comments.

Also... please remember I still need a regular coder for Thursdays and I also need a lonely prompt sorter for Wednesdays. Please PM me with your email for further information.

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