April 30th, 2010


Friday Free For All

Happy Friday everyone. The week is coming to an end, the weekend is in sight, that means that today must be the day for a Free For All!

All prompts, all fandoms, all pairings/groupings, anything goes.

Got a prompt that's been burning to be posted, but just hasn't fit the theme? Today is your chance. So bring them out, the crazy, cracky, off the wall, out of the blue, unusual, steamy, witty, scary, eerie, this is it!

Please remember the rules so that the comm stays fun for everyone. No more than three prompts per fandom, no more than five in a row. No spoiler prompts for at least a week after air/release so everyone has a chance to see/hear/read, and if your response to a prompt contains spoilers, please warn loudly and leave AT LEAST three spaces before you begin your fic.

Also remember to format your prompts properly to make life easier on our hard working code monkeys;

Supernatural, John/Mary, pale skin on black leather
White Collar, Neal, prison taught him well

Justified/Leverage, Raylan/Eliot, cowboy boots and whiskey

If none of today's free for all prompts float your boat, head on over to our archives and pick yourself something from the racks and racks of lonely prompts.

Have fun y'all