May 14th, 2010


Free For All Friday!

Can you belive it? It's a Friday again! To celebrate this awesomeness it is time for the weekly Free For All. You all know the drill, let your minds run free as long as you keep to the rules:

* Three Prompts per fandom at a time
*Max 5 prompts in a row
*If one of your prompts are filled you are free to prompt more
*Be careful not to spoil, especially in these finale-filled times. If you are wondering if your prompt is a spoiler it probably is so wait a week. If you put a spoiler in a fic warn clearly and with a good spoilerspace.

Castle, Castle/Esposito, Seeking comfort
Leverage RPS, Timothy Hutton/Christian Kane, after-ski

Leverage/Justified, Eliot Spencer/Raylan Givens, Dust, sweat, sex and bourbon
Castle/Firefly, Castle/Simon, Not quite right (but good enough to soothe the pain)

Have fun, be nice and write, write, write!