July 16th, 2010

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Completed prompts + Request

Hey guys! Hope the week's been going well for you... Just wanted to slide in really fast with a request and the latest bout of completed prompts.

I need a volunteer to sort lonely prompts on Fridays. You'll be checking assigned prompts, changing tags, and adding info to a list for me to post from. It's easy, but time consuming.

Please remember we can't keep the archives up to date without your help! If you'd like to volunteer, please leave a comment or PM me with your email address. Extra people for Sundays and Wednesdays couldn't hurt either - the archives are only getting bigger!

Without further ado... Collapse )

Free For All Firday

Good Morning Comment Fic Folk!

Today is Friday, so that means it's Free For All Day! And fandom, any pairing, any prompt.

Go wild!

But remember the rules so everyone gets a chance to play. 3 prompts per fandom, no more than 5 in a row. Come on back to prompt more once some of yours have been answered. No spoilers in the prompt itself for at least a week after air/publish date. If your fic has spoilers, please warn boldly and leave at least three spaces before your fic starts.

Please format your prompts correctly for our hard working code monkeys.


RPS, Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Christian Kane, Power Plays
Supernatural, Sam/Dean, what are you, five?


Justified/Leverage, Raylan/Eliot, whiskey, women, work

Go forth and fic!