August 12th, 2010

giraffes cuddle

Kinky Thursday - Kinks

Hi, everyone, sexycazzy here yet again! Today is my last day of my week's guest hosting :( I've enjoyed hosting for you lovely people and the past few days, I've enjoyed seeing what you have came up with your prompts and fills. So thank you to everyone for making this week a enjoyable one!

We end the week with one of my favourite themes - KINKS!

Let us remember that your kink is your kink, and someone else's kink is theirs! Be respectful and we will get on fine! With that said, let's get started with some examples:

Oh, my god, Daniel has a kink - to be spanked by Colonel Jack O'Neill while he's in his uniform in Stargate-1. Guess what? Neal wants to be Peter's slave in White Collar. Adam (CSI:NY) loves to worship Abby's feet (NCIS).

Let's follow the format for prompts:

Stargate-1, Daniel/Jack, spanking & military uniform

White Collar, Neal/Peter, Neal wants to be Peter's slave 24/7


CSI:NY/NCIS, Adam/Abby, foot worship

Remember the rules:

-No more than three prompts per fandom.

-No more than five prompts at a time, though after you get one or more of your prompts filled, you are free to leave more.

-No spoilers in your prompts until a week after air date or publication.

-Warn for spoilers in your fic in bold and with at least three spaces above your fic.

Have fun!

Don't forget, if kinks is not your thing, then why not go over to Lonely Prompts and see if any of them would be interesting for you to fill?