October 7th, 2010


Quinta-feira Hospitals

It's Thursday, my last day as guest host, and the theme is. Hospitals. So, anything that has to do with hospitals. There's: Doctors, Nurses, Lab workers, Patients, Illnesses, Diseases, Mental Hospitals, Prison Hospitals, School Infirmaries/Health Centers, makeshift hospitals on the battle field, fear of hospitals, whatever!

If nothing strikes your fancy today, or you’re just in the giving mood, check out the Lonely Prompts

Remember to follow the rules:

* Only post one prompt per comment
* No more than three prompts for the same fandom.
* No more than five prompts in a row.
* If one of your prompts is filled, you can prompt again.
* No spoilers in your prompts for at least a week after the airdate or release.
* Warn for any spoilers for your fic in bold and leave at least three spaces before the text.

Prompt formatting examples:

Doctor Who, Rory & or / Amy, Her reaction when he told her he wanted to be a nurse

Supernatural, any characters, They've all been in an insane asylum all along

Alex Rider/ CHERUB or Burn Notice, Alex & any others, Crossing paths at St Dominic Hospital

leverage hardison woah woah easy

Completed prompts + Request for Help!

Hey guys! The weekend is almost here, we all just have to hold on a little bit longer.

Unfortunately I still need help guys.

First up, I need a regular coder for Thursdays. You'll be entering all new prompts for your assigned theme into the Delicious archive.

I also need three sorters for lonely prompts. Two on Sundays and one on Fridays. You'll sort through your assigned prompts to look for completed ones, change tags, and add information to a list for me to post from. I know it's time consuming, but without volunteers to do this, when people go to the archives to write or read, they won't find what they need. The reason there's likely gaps in this set of completed prompts is not having enough hands on deck. Please help us out!

And now, what everyone loves: Collapse )