December 16th, 2010

Doctor Who: 14Rose BW kiss

Thursday 12/16/10 - Resurrection

Well this is my final day as guest host. I hope you like the themes I presented during the truncated week and hopefully I'll do better next time.

Today's theme is Resurrection. Whether it's to revive a character you killed off yesterday, set right a canon death so that a cherished character lives, or rekindling a romance or friendship, let's try to have some themes/stories where something revives.

Just remember to follow the rules
Only three posts per fandom, and only five total. If one of your prompts is answered, you may go ahead and post another.
No spoilers for new shows/seasons until a week after airing.
If your fill is spoilery, WARN accordingly and leave enough space for people to pass on by

Please also honor and respect our codemonkeys by following the formula for posting:

Torchwood, Jack, No matter how many times he revives, it hurts.
Star Trek XI/Star Trek: TOS, Jim Kirk (XI), Montgomery Scott (TOS), when thrown into the original universe, Jim meets a much older Scotty, who looks like he's seen a ghost.
Charmed, Prue and Piper/Leo, Leo managed to save both sisters at the end of "All Hell Breaks Loose."

Of course if today's theme doesn't suit your mood/interest your muses, there's always the Lonely Prompts.

tag= resurrection

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Regarding Delicious and our Archives

I've been receiving a lot of messages tonight about Delicious. I just want to take a very quick moment to address that.

Yes, we are well aware of the fact that Yahoo will be closing Delicious. In the words of the Hitchhiker's Guide: Don't Panic.

We're working to find a solution and a new home for our archives. Right now that's looking to be Diigo - it's a fair parallel of Delicious with a similar-ish visual set up. I'm also working on a new way to sort lonely prompts (I hope, fingers crossed that it works).

One of the other things we're considering is creating our own database. If you have any experience creating databases, or know someone that will be willing to volunteer, or have ideas about where to host it (because we'll need something free) feel free to comment.

Other suggestions are more than welcome as we work through this. (Please do not make suggestions regarding tagging or the finer details of archiving - that's something I'll be working through with the monkeys once we've landed somewhere. What they do already takes a lot of work and a chunk of time, after all, and I want to make this easy on everyone.)

I'll be backing up the archives as is on Sunday at the very least. I'm hoping that by then we'll have made a decision, and can simply enact a new archive, but we'll see. We don't feel there's a need at this time to rush the process unnecessarily - the news that Delicious will be shut down was leaked, as opposed to a formal announcement with dates etc.

I assure you we'll be moving as quickly as possible to avoid losing any data.