January 12th, 2011

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Wednesday - Almost Maybe

Sup everyone, still firefox1490 hosting this lovely Wednesday. Continuing on with my hostly hosting duties, todays theme is:

Almost maybe, things that almost happened but didn't. Be it split second changes of heart to flashes of paths not taken.

Please forget the rules:
* Three prompts per fandom, and no more than five total. If one of your prompts is filled, you may post another.
* No spoilers for new shows/seasons until at least one week after airing.
* If your fill do contains spoilers, please warn accordingly and leave enough space for people to pass by.

To help the hardworking codemonekys please format your prompts as such:

Inception, Arthur/Eames, He was suppose to have taken the 3:15 train at Paddington station
DCU/Smallville, Clark/Lex, He'd tell him the truth today.
Sailor Moon, Usagi/Mamoru, This was her darkest fear come true

If nothing strikes your fancy feel free to check out the lonely prompts, they always need a bit more love.

[tag: almost maybe]