February 10th, 2011

X - I Am What I Am

Thursday - Neglected Characters

Good morning! drabblewriter here for my last day as your host. Today's theme is neglected characters. Let's face it some - some characters get the short end of the stick when comes to fanfic. You know, that ones you mention to the casual viewer and they respond, "Wait....who?" Whether their just minor characters or no one really loves them, they're just not around much. So today we bring out our neglected characters and give them a chance to shine.

Have fun, and remember to follow the rules:

* Three prompts per fandom, and no more than five total. If one of your prompts is filled, you may post another.
* No spoilers for new shows/seasons until at least one week after airing.
* If your fill contains spoilers, please warn for it and leave enough space for people to pass by.

Feed the overworked code monkeys correctly formatted prompts (and not overly long, don't write the story for them, inspire them):

Being Human US, Emily, seeing Josh at the hospital was like losing him all over again
Supernatural, Nick(/any), dealing with the aftermath of being Lucifer's vessel

And if today's prompts just aren't doing it for you, be sure to swing by and check out the lonely prompts.