March 23rd, 2011


Wednesday - Fluff!

Happy Wednesday everyone! With the horrors being thrown at us from any given TV-screen these days I feel there's a need for a break. So, today the theme will be Fluff! - sugar spun dreams of happiness and cuddling, enough to give solace to even the most bitter and jaded soul! So, go forth and make the world just a little bit more nice, just remember to follow the rules!

+ No more than five prompts in a row
+ No more than three prompts from a fandom
+ No spoilers until a week after publication/air-date
+ If your prompt is filled then feel free to leave another.

Please use the following format to make things easier for our codemonkeys (second set is for crossovers):
Doctor Who, Eleven/Rory/Amy, icecream on a purple beach
Hawaii 5-0, Danny/Steve + Grace, A day at the zoo

Justified/Leverage, Raylan/Eliot, horsebackriding through the mountains
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Eleven/Captain Jack, Shopping for clothes