May 14th, 2011

chucks thought in yellow

Saturday: Lonely Prompts

Happy Saturday folks! Today is Lonely Prompts day, which mean no new prompts will be accepted. Feel free to browse our collection of Lonely Prompts, though. Try a new fandom on for size, or play in the usual playgrounds. There's plenty of wonderful prompts (and people who've left them) just waiting for some fic!

Lonely prompts by Genre:
Lonely: Crossovers
Lonely: Action
Lonely: Japanese & Korean Media
Lonely: Comedy
Lonely: Comics
Lonely: Crime
Lonely: Drama
Lonely: Fantasy
Lonely: Games
Lonely: Horror
Lonely: Literature & Plays
Lonely: Medical
Lonely: Mystery
Lonely: Mythology
Lonely: RPF/S
Lonely: SciFi
Lonely: Sports
Lonely: Spy

Let's see what you've got!