June 14th, 2011


Tuesday: Gifts

Hello! Our second prompt this week is Gift(s). Tangible or intangible, birthday, Christmas or without occasion, wanted and unwanted – give your favorite characters something today!
Here's your reminder about the rules:

* Only three prompts per fandom, and five prompts per day. If someone fills a prompt of yours, you can then prompt again.
* No spoilers in prompts until a week from air/publication dates.
*If your fill contains spoilers, then please label it clearly and leave enough spaces for people to be able to avoid it.

Finally, for the sake of our codemonkeys, please format your prompts like shown below:

Supernatural, Dean/any, the one thing he thought he’d never get and yet he did
Merlin/Harry Potter, Merlin/any, Harry/any, shopping for gifts for their significant others in the Diagon Alley

Have fun! :)