July 14th, 2011

castle ruin my story reema_patel

TADA! Thursday

Hello again, Commentfic. I'm LMX for the last time this week and today's theme is something a little different:

Today the theme is 'Change One Thing'. I want you to suggest an alternate universe where *JUST ONE THING* is different, and then give your prompt following that suggestion. This is going to change the format of prompting slightly, so make sure you read the formatting guidelines below.

The thing you change can be huge (like the colour of Earth's sky), confusing (genderswap) or life-altering (like whether someone turned left or right), but the author of the fill gets to decide what repercussions this has on their fandom.

Don't forget the rules of the community:
- No more than one prompt in each post, three prompts per fandom or five prompts in total. If one of your prompts gets filled then you may post another.
- No prompts containing spoilers until at least one week has passed since it aired/was released. If your fill contains a spoiler, please label it clearly with the fandom/show/season and leave enough space for people to avoid reading it.
- Feed free to fill a prompts even if it has already been filled. More fic is always good to see!

For this one theme, the formatting will be as follows:

Fandom, character or pairing, ONE THING TO CHANGE, prompt
or for a crossover
Fandom/Fandom, Character or pairing, ONE THING TO CHANGE, prompt

For example:
Doctor Who, 9th Doctor, Earth's sky has always been orange, The doctor finds it difficult to return to his favourite planet after Gallifrey is gone
Leverage, Female!Eliot/Sophie/Nate, Female!Eliot, Nate shouldn't enjoy watching them fight so much
Burn Notice/Castle, Castle & Michael, Castle is a writer based in Miami, Author's choice
Chuck/White Collar, Chuck/Bryce!Neal, Bryce didn't die the second time around, He still left Chuck, though...

tag = change1thing