September 8th, 2011


Thursday: Thursday's Child has far to go....

And so comes Thursday, and with it an end to my glorious two-day hosting. You’ll miss me, won’t you? Oh of course you will, no one else here is nearly as medicated as I am at the moment.
But, that aside, we reach our theme for today’s prompts, and that is …drumroll… Role-reversal. That’s right, kiddies, let’s flip the social ladder on its head, maybe even fundamentally alter the natural order depending on your fandom! Doesn’t that sound like fun? Oh yeah, go forth and wreak havoc my lovelies! *ahem* Right. Have fun with that.
Don’t forget the rules that were set in place for reasons as yet to be determined (MORE SOCIAL STRUCTURE! O.O )
-          No more than 5 prompts in a row, and no more than 3 prompts per fandom. However, if one of your prompts is filled, you may prompt again!
-          No spoilers in your prompts until 1 week after the original air/publication date.
-          If there are spoilers in your response, please warn in bold and leave at least 3 spaces. After that, it’s totally their fault.
-          Remember to format your prompts appropriately and keep them to a reasonable length. For example: 
Suits, Mike (+/) Harvey, Mike is the big-shot lawyer who goes out on a limb by hiring Harvey, the high class screw-up
Supernatural, Dean (+/) Castiel [post season 6 finale], After seeing what’s happened to Cas, Dean knows it’s his turn to pull Cas from Perdition (or wherever the hell he is)
And while I know these big fandoms are huge and shiny and fun to play with, don’t forget the smaller ones who need some polishing!
Still can’t find something you like? Jeeze, picky much? Just kidding, why not head over to our Lonely Prompts and show them some love?!
I have honestly had such a blast hosting, as short a time as it’s been. Thanks so much for all your amazing prompts, they were seriously all a fantastic!  Hopefully they start getting filled soon, there’s too much awesome there to be left to waste away! GO FORTH AND WRITE AND DFTBA! And, of course, BEST WISHES!