September 29th, 2011

Wraith "Want"

Vid Prompts

Hi everyone! I’m chibifukurou and This is my last day as your guest host. Thanks for making this week so much fun!
Today’s theme is Vid Prompts. Today the prompts can be any fandom, any character, and any pairing as long as they are vid related.
The Rules:
  • Don’t prompt more than 5 prompts in a row or 3 prompts per fandom. When someone has answered your prompt, you can prompt again.
  • No spoilers in your prompt until at least 1 week after the original airing or publication date. If there are spoilers in your fic, you must warn in bold and leave at least 3 spaces.
  • Thank your fic providers they thrive on feedback.
  • For the sake of the code monkeys’ sanity remember to format your prompts correctly.
Formatting examples:

Clannad, Tomoya + Ushio, Fireflies
Xmen First Class, Erik/Any,
Bandom RPS, Gerard, The Ghost of You

None of today's prompts interest you? Make someone’s day and answer one of the myriad of
 Lonely Prompts!

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