November 24th, 2011

Dory [Disney], Dorey!
  • doreyg

Thursday - Rare pairings

Final day today, and I must say that it's been fun. I'm doreyg for the last time and today our theme is that good old favourite: Rare pairings!

Basically: any pairing so long as it's rare (Meaning: with barely any/no fic.) I leave it up to your discretion to decide what that means but if you and other people have prompted it on other days then that probably doesn't count.

The rules:

* Five prompts in a row, no more than three from one fandom and if you get a prompt filled you can leave a new one.
* No spoilers until a week after air-/publication date, if you're wondering if something's a spoiler it probably is.
* Follow the examples for correct formating:

Vampire Babylon, Dawn/Claudius, mirrors
Guardians of Time - Marianne Curley, Ethan/Lady Arabella, recovering
Greek myth, Hades/Demeter, summer days

Have fun for one last time!