December 2nd, 2011


Late Friday Free For All and an Early bonus Saturday Free for all

I am terribly sorry everyone. Between getting ready to leave on Monday for my first trip to England, and this horrific cold and the meds for said cold, plus running two challenge comms that have major milestones this week, I completely forgot it was my weekend to host.

So, because I've only just now realized it, we're going to make Saturday a free for all too, just to make it up to y'all. This post will serve for both Friday and Saturday.

Come on in and pull up a comment or three. Any fandom, any prompt (mindful that there are no spoilers in the prompt itself), any pairing, any anything!

Remember the rules (no more than 5 posts in a row, 3 per fandom, no spoilers in the prompt, if there are spoilers in the fic, please warn and leave space for people to skip over it) and format your prompts properly (and mind the length of the prompts).

For example:

Leverage, Eliot/author's choice, his was a lonely road, and comfort came at a cost
Hawaii 5-0, Danny/Steve, prick me again and watch me bleed
Criminal Minds/White Collar, Spencer Reid/Neal Caffrey, Derek Morgan, jealousy

Have fun!