December 14th, 2011


Wednesday: Dialogue

Good morning, everyone! It’s Wednesday, and it’s meteorfire here with today’s theme.

Today’s theme is Dialogue! Prompts will simply be a line of dialogue, and that line should be included somewhere in your fill.

Here's some quick examples:
  • The Avengers, Steve/Tony, “You built me a what?!”
  • Stargate Atlantis, Rodney McKay, “Do I look calm?! This is not the face of a man who is calm! I am very not calm right now!”
  • Doctor Who, Doctor & any, “There’s a what in the where?”
  • Supernatural, Dean Winchester, “I can’t believe she made me allergic to pie.”

And as always, remember to follow the rules:
  • Only three prompts from a fandom
  • Only five prompts in a row
  • If one prompt gets filled you can leave a new one
  • No spoilers in your prompts until a week after airdate/publication
  • If your fill contains a spoiler please warn accordingly and leave space for the spoiler.

Have fun, everyone!

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