January 5th, 2012


Thursday - Monkeys

Greetings everyone! Today is Thursday and the theme today is MONKEYS.

No, really. Monkeys. They can be actual monkeys, imagined monkeys, a monkey on someone's back, whatever...as long as a monkey is involved in some way.

Please remember to follow the rules: No more than 5 prompts in a row. No more than 3 per fandom. No spoilers in the prompt. If your fic contains spoilers, please warn and leave adequate space to allow a person to miss/skip your words.

Also, please format your prompt properly:

Firefly, Mal, the time it really was terrifying space monkeys
Supernatural, wee!Chesters, "Can we keep him? Please Dad?"
White Collar, Neal, trained monkey

I am looking for my list of people who had wanted to volunteer to help co-mod the comm, but it is lost in the landslide of emails. We are looking for someone to take over as CodeMonkey Queen, as well as someone whose job would be to ensure that the post is up daily, and contact the right people if it isn't or pinch hit if necessary, as well as possibly one more. Please EMAIL: commentficmods@gmail.com if interested. (Please only email, do not comment here or PM)

We're going to give the comment tree thing a go here this morning, so please be patient while I add the tree.