January 17th, 2012

Star Wars: Leia w/ Crown


Hello everybody hanorganaas here with another theme for you today. Today's theme is a little one of my favorite topics...WHUMP.

Incase you do not know what whump is it is when a fanfiction author puts either physical or mental strain on a character. So for those authors like me who squeal at the thought of John Sheppard at the hands of captors, like to look into Danny William's fragile mental psyche or even just Spencer Reid reactig to a paper cut then this day is for you.

Just remember the rules when posting your prompt:

-No More than 5 Prompts in a Row
-No More than 3 per fandom
-No spoilers in the prompt, and if your fic response has spoilers, please warn and leave adequate space.

To make the job easier to the codemonkies hard at work to make this community great here's some examples

Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, Trying to help Danny through his depression
Criminal Minds, Reid + or / author's choice, "It's just a paper cut you are not going to die!"
Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard, The Trouble Magnent.
Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, Broken bones.