January 20th, 2012

Star Wars: Leia w/ Crown


Hello hanorganaas with one last prompt for the week. Before I post it I want you all to know I had a really good time and I am definitely signing up again. Today's prompt is CROSSOVERS.

If you are the type to pair Jack Harkness with a random character from a different fandom, or just fancy writing "SUPERWHO" today is your day to post some prompts.

Of course keep in mind there are a few rules when posting your prompt:

-5 prompts in a row.
-No more than 3 per fandom.
-No spoilers in the prompt, and if your fic response has spoilers, please warn and leave adequate space.

And to make the job easier to the codemonkies hard at work to make this community great here's some examples:

Supernatural/Doctor Who, Dean/Amy, "There's another Amy Pond....and she's hot."
Torchwood/Stargate Atlantis, Jack Harkness/Elizabeth Weir, Power Couple
Supernatural/Hawaii Five-0, Winchesters + Steve/Danny, Fighting Over Who Drives.
Doctor Who/Once Upon A Time, The Master/The Evil Queen "Regina Mills", The most dangerous couple in the universe.