March 5th, 2012


Monday - Writing

Good morning, It's a new week and I'm that will host it is sagaluthien. I'm glad to do it again. I thought we would begin with Writing, it is what we all like to do, so why not let our characters do it to. It can be they write for fun, in secret or trying to get publish. It can be blog, lyrics, poems or what you set them to do. Maybe their friend or partner found out… Don't let the thinks block you keep it coming.

Please do not forget the Rules:
No more than three prompts to a fandom
No more than five fandoms at a time
Leave at least three spaces for spoilers

Also remember the formatting for the codemonkeys:
Fandom, Character, prompt
Fandom, Character/Character, prompt
Fandom/Fandom, Character(s), prompt

If nothing catches your fancy here, give a lonely prompt some love.