March 13th, 2012


Tuesday - Villains

Welcome to a fabulous Tuesday! I am jaune_chat and today's theme is Villains. How does the battle look from the bad guy's point of view? Is it just plain good to be bad? Or does one of our erstwhile heroes look pretty naughty from the outside?

Please do not forget the rules:
No more than three prompts to a fandom
No more than five prompts at a time
If one of your prompts is filled, you may prompt again
If your prompt or fill contains spoilers, please warn for the fandom and leave a space.

Remember to be nice to the codemonkeys and format your prompts thusly!
Fandom, Character, prompt

Heroes, Sylar, the first time someone called him a villain.
Sherlock (BBC), Moriarty +or/ Sherlock, being a true evil villain took style.
Dollhouse/Inception, Adelle + team, an extraction on a woman some would call truly evil.

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