July 17th, 2012


Tuesday: Female Characters

merryghoul here again, and it's now time to show love to our female characters. Femslash, gen, or solo fics, it's all welcome, as long as there are female characters present.

The rules:
  • No more than three prompts to a single fandom
  • No more than five prompts at a time
  • No spoilers in the prompts and if your fill has spoilers, please warn and and leave at least three spaces

  • Fandom, Character, Prompt
  • Fandom, Character/Character, Prompt

  • Leverage, Parker/Sophie, forced to dance together
  • Torchwood, Tosh/Suzie, celebrating Suzie's birthday
  • Sherlock, Donovan, a break from the Yard and Sherlock
Can't find anything that matches your interests? There's always the lonely prompts.