August 1st, 2012


Wednesday: Re-run day

Hi, I'm still enochia, and today is Wednesday the Re-Run Day. Today, instead of posting new prompts, you rummage through the lonely prompts archive or pick lonely prompts that grabbed your attention in the past days and then "re-run" them so that others can see what lovely little bits have yet to be answered. You may use your own prompts that remained unanswered lately, but pimping old prompts and those of other users is encouraged.

Those of you filling prompts, please click on the link and respond at the original post, rather than here on this one.

How to post a link? Either use the html (bold is the code to be entered exactly as it is, places you fill in are normal)
a href="link(easily gotten by clicking ‘link’ in the bottom corner of the prompt, then just copy the address bar)">prompt text(fandom, character, prompt)</a>
It will look like this: Supernatural/Planescape: Torment, Sam/Annah, demon blood

Or simply copy/paste the link followed by prompt text. Supernatural/Planescape: Torment, Dean/Falls-From-Grace, Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts

Once again, you can look for the prompts in lonely prompts archive.

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