May 21st, 2013

Hawaii Five 0::team::Ohana

Guest Host issues

As Calendar Keeper, I've been noticing quite a few bumps in regards to those who signed up to be a guest host for a week and aren't following through.

I try my hardest to message hosts the Wednesday before they are scheduled to host to see if they're still available to host. I really need to get better at doing that, but also, YOU, the guest host, need to follow through with your end of the agreement as well.

If I message you (via LJ message unless told otherwise), it is important that you message me back. Tell me that you're all set, that you'll be scheduling entries to post so you won't have to worry about accidentally forgetting, or that you can no longer host/would like to be moved to the end of the calendar (which at this point is December 2013) so that I can contact a pinch hitter or make other arrangements for the week.

Speaking of pinch hitters, if there is anyone who is currently signed up to be a guest host who would also be available to pinch hit, please let me know. You can still keep you original hosting date.

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If you would like to guest host, the guest host sign up entry will re-open July, 1, 2013.

If you are simply watching the community, please become a member so that I can find you and give you posting access when it is your turn to host.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me a message or leave a comment here.