July 14th, 2013

FMA Ed-Win I think of you

Have a great Sunday!

Welcome to Sunday here at comment_fic!

Now on Sundays, you can not only post a story fill for a lonely prompt, you can also request a lonely prompt to be filled!

How to do this:

If you're looking for a prompt to fill, you can rummage around in http://previous.delicious.com/commentfic. Likewise, you can use that to search for prompts you'd like to see filled.

Whichever you decide to do (if you do both, you're a god(dess)), please remember:

1. You can only request five prompts to be filled.
2. You can request no more than three prompts from a particular fandom.
3. You can, however, fill as many prompts as you'd like!
4. In the subject line, be sure to say whether this is a request or a fill!
5. Be sure to link back to whatever the prompt is (whether filling or requesting it be filled), and, if you're filling the prompt, please complete the fill as a response to the original prompt.
6. If you are filling an "any/any" prompt, please let us know what fandom (or, if original, say so!) you're using for the response.

How to link:

[a href="http://comment-fic.livejournal.com/139897.html?thread=30155641#t30155641">Burn Notice, Sam/Michael/Fi, "It's always been you. And it's always gonna be you"[/a]
(change the brackets to "<" and ">" respectively)


Burn Notice, Sam/Michael/Fi, "It's always been you. And it's always gonna be you"

Have fun!