October 25th, 2013


Friday - End Times

Hello everyone, I'm jaune_chat, and I've enjoyed being your host for this week. We've set the stage, and done the first scene, whispered behind our hands, gained some valuable experience, so now it is time to end it all.

Today's theme is: End Times

This could be anything from the last cigarette before someone quits to the Apocalypse. The last time lovers embrace to someone's last breath. Bring it to an end, my friends, bring it to an end.

Give your prompts according to these rules:

- No more than three prompts in one fandom

- No more than five prompts in a row unless one of your prompts is filled. Then you can prompt again.

- No spoilers in prompts

- If your fill contains spoilers, please warn and leave plenty of space

Please keep the codemonkeys in mind and obey formatting rules:

Fandom, Character, Prompt

Fandom, Character/Character, Prompt

Fandom, Character + Character, Prompt

Supernatural, Dean and Sam, they've had so many endings that they start tallying them up. By category.
MCU, Steve, He's been past the end of his life
Heroes, Claire, she'll never have an ending

If there is nothing that catches your fancy, take a look at the lonely prompts.