June 22nd, 2018


Blessed Friday: is for Supporting Cast

Hello, everyone. I'untldeathtakeme, your now-deflowered host for this week. The great fills and prompts have made it a lovely first time, thank you!

I'd like to finish out with what I'm calling Supporting Cast. Basically, prompts should involve the "Non-major" characters from a series/show/book. I'm also ruling that you may involve a "major" character PROVIDED a minor or less popular character is involved. For example, I'd rule out Sherlock and John from BBC Sherlock, but if it were Sherlock and Lestrade, that's okay. Mods, please let me know if this is too confusing.
Beyond that stipulation, I leave judgement up to you guys; I think we all know our fandoms.

Thank you so much for everything! Happy prompting and filling!

Just a few rules:
No more than five prompts in a row.
No more than three prompts in the same fandom.
Use the character's full names and fandom's full name for ease adding to the Lonely Prompts spreadsheet.
No spoilers in prompts for a month after airing, or use the spoiler cut option found here.
If your fill contains spoilers, warn and leave plenty of space, or use the spoiler cut.
If there are possible triggers in your story, please warn for them in the subject line!

Prompts should be formatted as follows: [Use the character's full names and fandom's full name]
Fandom, Character +/ Character, Prompt

Some examples to get the ball rolling...
+ Doctor Who, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart+Any, how she views The Doctor

+ The Hour, Lix Storm+/Any,
And I wished for so long cannot stay.
All the precious moments cannot stay.
It's not like wings have fallen cannot stay.
But still something's missing cannot say.

+BBC Sherlock, Gregory Lestrade+/Any, Any AU

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