August 5th, 2019

( [ Lycoris radiata ] )

Getsuyoubi | Endings and Beginnings

Hello, everyone! I'm creepy_shetan (aka Shetan), and I'll be your host this week. =^.^= Since Mondays are so often feared or despised, let's give this one a chance, shall we? Look at it as a fresh start! And with that in mind...

Today's theme: endings and beginnings. All prompts should involve the end of something, the start of something, or both.

A few rules to keep in mind:
✦ No more than five prompts in a row per day
✦ No more than three prompts in the same fandom per day
✦ If one or more of your prompts is filled today, then you may prompt again
✦ Use the full names of the fandom(s) and character(s) in your prompts
✦ For prompts, no spoilers until one month after the release date (use a spoiler tag to hide part or all of the text)
✦ For fills, warn for spoilers, and either leave blank space before the text or hide the text under a spoiler tag
✦ Include a warning in the subject line for any possible triggers

Please remember to use the proper format for prompts.
➔ ➔ ➔ Fandom [/ Crossover], Character [+ or / Relationship], Prompt
Again, please include the full names of the fandom(s) and character(s). This makes it easier to add prompts to the Lonely Prompts Spreadsheet and to find prompts through manual search.
(Author's choice prompts and original fills are also more than welcome!)

For a single fandom:
✧ any Gundam series, any pilot(s), graduation
✧ Final Fantasy VII, Marlene Wallace (+ any), (post-canon) the start of her own adventures
✧ author's choice, any, not wanting to say good bye

For multiple fandoms / crossovers:
✧ DC/Marvel (any 'verse), any, take a deep breath and start over from the beginning

We use AO3 to keep track of filled prompts. If you fill a prompt and (cross-)post it to AO3, please add your story to the Bite Sized Bits of Fic from 2019 collection. For more information, please go here.

A backup version of this community is available on Dreamwidth.

If the plot bunnies aren’t biting you today, feel free to check out our Lonely Prompts Spreadsheets (here and here) or the community's archive calendar. You can browse the main themed posts and Saturday free-for-all posts for prompts to fill (and fills to read). Or you can check the Sunday posts for requested prompts (and fills written that week). There's also LJ’s advanced search options -- however, it currently seems to only search entries posted in this community, not comments.

While the above are available options, the simplest method might be to bookmark prompts that you like as you find them and return later when inspiration strikes. (There are no rules against multiple fills for the same prompt, by the way. ~_^)

I hope your week is off to a great start! ❤

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