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Lonely Prompts Challenge Weekend

Hey guys! Just a reminder that the contest is still going on til midnight tonight! Take a peek around our Lonely Prompts Indexes and find one (or two or ten or twenty) to take home with you. There's paid LJ time and pretty graphics involved - how can you not want to play?

And thanks to everyone that's participated so far. I've taken a peek at the ever growing list of contest entries, and turn out has been awesome this month!

To find the Lonely Prompt Indexes, take a peek over here.

Also, I know that amara_m put up a list of some of our non-contest completed prompts from this week yesterday. However the list was incomplete. Below the cut, check out the full list of completed Lonely Prompts. To all of you who answered them during the week - You Rock!

Leverage, Werewolf!Eliot/Nate, addiction
Leverage, Werewolf!Eliot/Nate, moody
Leverage, Werewolf!Eliot/Nate, frenzy
Leverage, Werewolf!Eliot/Vampire!Nate, heavy
Leverage, Priest!Nate/Eliot, Sins
Leverage, vampire!Nate/Eliot, reunited
Leverage, vampire!Nate/Eliot, nothing I wouldn't do and nowhere I wouldn't go
Leverage, vampire!Nate/Eliot, reclaiming
Leverage, Nate/author's choice, kitten

SPN, Dean/Ellen, remember
Supernatural CoachDean/legal!Cheerleader "Yeah give me a D"
Supernatural, Bela/Sam, valuable

SPNRPS, Daneel/Jared/Jensen: you let him win.
RPS, Jeff/Misha, craving
RPS, Christian Kane/Jared Padalecki, sugar kisses
SPN RPS, Misha Collins/Jensen Ackles, possessiveness
SPN, Jared/Jeffrey, cigarettes and chocolate milk
RPS, Jared/Jensen, switching it up
RPS, JDM/Misha/Jensen, secrets
RPS, Jealous!Jared/Oblivious!Jensen, Jensen makes Jared watch Leverage every week
RPS, Chris Kane/Misha Collins, demonstration

Kane RPS
RPS, Chris/Steve, nipple clamps
RPS, Chris/Steve, tears
RPS, Chris/Steve, melt
RPS, Chris/Steve, together
RPS, Chris/Steve, protective
RPS, Werewolf!Chris/Goth!Steve, morning after
RPS, Chris/Steve, vibrating cock ring
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, rain
RPS, Chris/author's choice, something new
rps, kitty!chris/steve carlson, holiday of author's choice
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, gentle
RPS, Chris/Steve, tantrum
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, tattoos
RPS, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, dancing

Misc. RPS
Merlin RPS, Bradley James/Colin Morgan, interviews
Torchwood RPS, John/Scott, showing Gareth how it's done.
RPS, Vin Diesel/Karl Urban, darkness
Black Hawk Down RPS - Josh Hartnett/Orlando Bloom, focused

Stargate SG-1, Cameron/Daniel, can't hold his liquor
SG-1, Jack/Daniel, coffee on an alien planet
Stargate SG-1, Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson, "Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away" (Phil Collins)
Stargate SG-1, everyone/everyone, Love Potion No. 9

Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis, Daniel/Elizabeth, foreign language

SG1/SGA, Sam/Rodney, Alternate Universes

Doctor Who
Dr Who Ten/Jack/Master restraint or bondage

Heroes, Peter/Nathan, sweet and bitter
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, mythological (satyrs, centaurs, and merpeople, oh my!)
Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, study abroad during college
Heroes, succubus!Elle/any, learn to like it

Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, Unwinding after a long day.

Being Human
Being Human, George/Mitchell, things that go bump in the night

Demons, Galvin/Luke, dating

Lost/Heroes, Sayid/Adam, leather
Primeval/Torchwood, Abby/Gwen, galaxy
RPS/Leverage, Steve/Chris/Eliot, explain
SPN/Gilmore Girls, Dean/Dean, bus (unexpected meeting)
Heroes/X-Men Movie, Claire Bennett/Rogue, Special
Torchwood/Supernatural, Ianto/Sam, lost
Eureka/In Plain Sight, Jack Carter/Marshall Mann, ex-partners
BTVS/Leverage, Tara/Parker, Calm in a crazy world
RPS/SGA, Joe/John/Rodney, "this is better than the really good porn"
Andromeda/SGA, Tyr/Ronon, survivor
Leverage/SPN, vampire!Eliot/Dean, see you in hell
rps/leverage, goth!chris/werewolf!nate, nourish
SPN/AtS, Dean/Lindsey, broke down
RPS/Leverage/AtS, Chris/Eliot/Lindsey, Lindsey's turn for troublemaking
Leverage/RPS/AtS, Eliot/Chris/Lindsey, "YOUTUBE?! Seriously, it's on YouTube?!"

The Covenant
The Covenant, Caleb/Pogue, protective

The Tribe
The Tribe Mega/authors choice 'Mega's virus' never escaped.

Lost, Daniel/Juliet, Nobel prize

Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, vixen

Let's keep the fun rolling everybody, and have a great Sunday!
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