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Maanantai - Cupboards&Closets

The weekend is over and Monday looms, so no more entries to the Lonely Prompt Challenges. Hope you had loads of fun!

Before you wonder, Maanantai is Monday in Finnish. I'm flariariia, your guest host for this week and I hope I can spice up your week, not only by teaching you weekday names in Finnish, but by supplying you some inspiring themes.

We're starting off with Cupboards&Closets, furniture that can always, always supply premises to some very hot action. Be it sex in confided spaces or revealing their true sexuality, surely our evil minds can figure out ways to put our favourite pairings into the most interesting situations?

Let's remember how to prompt correctly to keep our code monkeys in happier states! One prompt per comment, as many fics as you want to write to in answer to any prompt you like, even your own.

-Leverage, Hardison/Author's choice, black, jew, gay and proud
-Leverage/Firefly, Parker/Kaylee, stowaway

And it today's prompts don't tickle you, pop over to the Lonely Prompts. There are always some looking for attention.

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