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Thursday: Winter Wonderland

Hello, all! I'm still saavikam77, and I'm your guest host for the last themed day of 2010.

The last theme for this week, month, and year is Winter Wonderland. While much of the northern hemisphere has been slammed over the last few weeks with harsh winter weather, there's still an upside to all this snow! It's time for snowball fights, snow angels, forts, catching snowflakes on your tongue, all that fun stuff that we did as kids (and maybe still do! ^_~). And what happens afterward, when you've come in and dried off from all that snow?

Remember the rules:
*Three prompts per fandom, and no more than five total. If one of your prompts is filled, you may post another.
*No spoilers for new shows/seasons until at least one week after airing.
*If your fill contains spoilers, please warn accordingly and leave enough space for people to pass by.

Please think of our hardworking codemonkeys, and use the following formula for your prompts:
*Smallville, Clark/Lois, Snowed in at the farm
*Heroes, Matt/Mohinder & Molly, Snowball fight in Central Park
*DCU, Bat Clan, Too much snow for crime and heroing, not too much to not teach Damian how to enjoy it.

Or, if nothing here catches your eye, you can always peruse the lonely prompts.

And that's it for my week as your guest host! I've had a blast, even if I didn't have the chance to fill any prompts myself so far this week. Everyone out there have a safe and Happy New Year, and here's looking at a 2011 filled with lots of yummy comment fic! :D


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